I know ...

these very Unfortunate Occurrences

happened over a year now.


It was a very Turbulent time for

Our Community...


The World. 


I have chosen to keep this

Wall of Healing


in Divine Remembrance



Love, Hope and

The Wondrous Spirit of


Can  Heal and Conquer All

In my Love and my Light

Kevin Carlyle



Mr. Hurricane Harvey,

Miss Hurricane Irma

Mrs. Corona Virus

The War in Ukraine

and now

 Hurricane Ian

Everybody sees some Changes

Everybody Sheds a Skin or Two

You won't Recognize me...

When I get over you

Unattended Dreams will Breathe Life

All my Wishes will come True


 There'll be Time for Everything

When I get over you

When I get over you

The Sky will Still be Blue


 I'll Swim there if I want to

When I get over you

I'm setting Free...

 The Monkey

I'm setting Free the Lions too

Yesterday's Child will grow up Wild

When I get over you

When I get over you

The Sky will Still be Blue


 I'll swim there if I want to

When I get over you

I'll be Wearing a Fairy-Tale

I'll Walk in Glass High-Heeled Shoes


 There'll be a Moral to the Story

When I get over you

I'll be the Life of the Party

I'll Misbehave and Act the Fool

I won't care who knows me

When I get over you

When I get over you

The Sky will Still be Blue


 I'll swim there if I want to

When I get over you

When I get over you


The Skies...

 will Still be Blue

I said...

 I'll swim there if I want to

When I get over you...


Dearest Family Members...

To begin 

The Healing Process


Mental Recovery


Our Unfortunate Events 

during the past

couple weeks, 

please accept this page as...

"Our Wall of Healing".

Please post and share anything you like with your

"ShowKidsLive Family".

It could be your experience, your thoughts or prayers...

just anything.

If you are Grateful for something,

then we want to hear about.

If you are not So Grateful,

then we want to hear about that as well.

Please join us... 

as we 


Our Road to Recovery


let's do it together.

Let The Healing Begin.

  • 13 Sep 2017 4:24 PM | Anonymous

    Happy to report that Gavyn and our family is safe in Tampa.  Lots of branches and wind but luckily no damage.  Thank you for all your thoughts. ~Kimberly Garno~

  • 12 Sep 2017 10:03 PM | Deleted user

    I want to give a shout out to our God he is good. My family is okay it was crazy here for a while definitely need more prayers the water is supposed to rise 9 feet around my house by the end of the week thanks again guys

  • 12 Sep 2017 12:20 PM | Deleted user

    Prayers from our family to anyone and everyone affected by either hurricane. Our family was in one of the disaster counties here in Texas that was hit by Harvey but fortunately we just received a lot of rain and absolutely no destruction in our area. Prayers again to all the families affected by these two horrible monsters..

    "When times are to hard to stand, kneel" 

    With Love,

    -Brooke Lynn Salazar & Family

  • 12 Sep 2017 7:52 AM | Deleted user
    Logan, Liam, Liv & my family thanks to the lord we are good. We got sabe by prayers. We had only minor damages in our backyard, lost patio furtiture and swing set but that's materialistic stuff we can replace.  We got power back yesterday so we are back to normal. 
  • 12 Sep 2017 7:46 AM | Deleted user

    We are safe here in central Florida and we're lucky to get our power back just before bed last night. Prayers to all the families in Texas and Florida.

  • 12 Sep 2017 6:35 AM | Deleted user

    Hi, we were so lucky here in Delray Beach, Florida.  Although we have not had power for over 2 days we were able to come to my Moms who has power. Prayers for everyone that was affected by Hurricane Irma & Harvey.  

    Thank you so much for checking in! 

    Melina Fasciana Pieroni 

    Michael Pieroni's Mother 

  • 11 Sep 2017 10:40 PM | Deleted user

    We were fortunate enough to just have our power out for 30hrs. My son was going crazy without Sesame Street & pj masks. My prayers go out to everyone affected by Harvey & Irma

  • 11 Sep 2017 10:06 PM | Deleted user

    My prayers go out to everyone that was affected by Hurricane Harvey. Texas is strong and will heal fast!

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