Live Video Auditions

We encourage everyone to attend as many Video Auditions as possible.

The more exposure the better!


We understand...

things do come up

and everyone has different schedules

these days. 


for whatever reason,

you cannot attend a Video Audition,

but would like to still have your child considered,

please do the following ASAP: 

Email us 1 video (only 1, please)


In the Subject line...


(Child's Name; City and State),

(Project Name) and (Video). 

Video Requirements:

1) 90 sec max

2) We prefer to have videos shot in the house

3) Only the child should appear in the video

4) Get the child just playing,

being silly, in his/her natural environment,

try to get the child to look at the camera

as much as possible.

With young children,

this isn't always easy, we know.

Do your best

5) Dress the child

just cute casual,

no super bright colors, no logos

6) If your child has longer hair,

then make sure it's away from their face

during the video

7) If you're heard on video directing your child off camera, that's okay.

8) FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, having the child crawling on the floor or being held by a parent is totally acceptable.

9) During casting times, we are SUPER busy; we will not be able to confirm receipt of your video.

In the body of your email, include the child's name, parent's name, city and state and cell number.

Good Luck!

We look forward to seeing your child on video.

Live On-Line Auditions

I will usually send out

The Meeting ID and Passcode

five minutes before we commence.

If you end up in The Waiting Room,

then that means that I am live auditioning

another Talent and

I should be with you momentarily.

I can see you waiting.

Typical Audition...

"Hi my name is Carol

and this is my daughter


She is 8 months old


we live in Austin, Texas.

Alice wears a 2t in clothes

and she is absolutely

A Bundle of Joy.

( But don't say bundle of Joy because I tell everybody

to say that)

...say something cute and original.


I will ask you to turn your child

to the right and then to the left

to get their profiles....

you know

(The hidden big nose syndrome). 

Please read the

wardrobe requirements above.

As Always...

Push it on through...

just like

 The Electric Boogaloo.

Why don't we do that?

"A Revolutionary Development In The Talent Casting Process"  



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