The Audition Process


 There are two ways that you will audition on line:


1) One on One Video Conferencing:

You and the client will video-conference one on one. You will be assigned a call-time and receive a phone call followed by an email with a link to start the conference. Click on the link and the video-conference will begin.

Please be "camera ready" five minutes prior to your call-time. Prepare a clean, well lit area to be your stage. If you are auditioning a child, please prepare him or her to be in a good mood with no distractions. The entire web-cast (audition) will be no longer than four or five minutes.

Please keep questions to a minimum.

2) Group Auditions in Screening Room B:

Currently, we go through "ZOOM Cloud Meetings". You can download the app for free through your "Play Store". Please do this PRIOR to any auditions. 

The Talent and Parents will be instructed to send in promotional material ahead of time...

 head-shots, resumes, demo-reels etc.

The agent/client will do an introduction about themselves, the companies they represent and their needs, followed by a "question and answer" period. Afterwards they will review all talent submissions and arrange any call-backs. 

Our TV Channel is PRIVATE and you will receive a "Meeting ID Number", via email, prior to the audition date/time. This will give you access to the virtual audition room!

Should we utilize another virtual audition room other than Screening Room B, we will let you know in advance.  

Please remember, you will need a computer/smart phone, Internet access and a web-cam to participate! (Don't forget to turn your volume up!) 

"A Revolutionary Development In The Talent Casting Process"  



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