"The Overview for Industry Newbie Parents"

My Dear Parents...

Casting Networks...

is The Top Casting On Line Submission Site 

in The Nation.

Casting Networks 

allows Agencies and Managers to submit 

your child for

 auditions and work on line, electronically.

Just about all the Talent who appear in 

Print Campaigns and TV Commercials

 have gotten their opportunity through 

Casting Networks 

via their Agent or Manager.

It is an absolute privilege 

to be a part of this service.

The way it works:

After completing registration and your profile on 

Casting Networks...

your Agent or Manager will submit your child's photo 

and information directly to 

Casting Directors, 


Advertising Agencies 


Production Companies

for major projects.

If you are selected for an audition or a booking, 

then your agent will call you with details.

Your Agent or Manager submits

 your child many times per week

and will only call you 

if they wish to meet your child.


You MUST Keep All Promotional Material Up to Date 

and Current on Casting Networks.

(Pictures and Sizes)

This is Solely the responsibility of the Parents- 

not the Agent nor Manager.

We can not submit your child 

with outdated pics and/or info.

Now, this is Important.

While registering with Casting Networks...

you can choose:

 1) the Free version OR...

2)  the Premium version

The Free version 

is only free because you have an Agent or Manager.

All Non-Represented Talent must pay a fee. 

(Lucky you, huh?)

Their Premium version ("Casting Billboard Unlimited") 

does have a nominal fee, 

but... the good news is...

you'll be able to 

"self submit". :)

See screenshot of their Premium pricing below

(check their website for any price changes/current promotions)


You will not have to pay your Agent or Manager 

any commission 

if you land the job 

as the Agent or Manager was not involved.*

This will save you a bunch of money in the long run.

*If you DO require agency/manager representation, the standard commission would apply if your child is booked.


 please make us aware of any opportunity 

that may arise for you because

you are our responsibility and we need to know that 

you are Safe and Sound.


we want nothing in return 

but your kindness and appreciation.

So as a quick recap...

Your Agent or Manager will submit your child for the 

"Principal Roles" 

(the newest "hot off the press" high paying jobs) 

on a weekly basis, 


 You may self submit your child for 

the "Extra Roles" 

(lower paying jobs with less requirements)

through your Casting Billboard Unlimited/Premium Version 

in your Casting Network Account.


We all take responsibility for 

the Success and Achievements in your 

child's career.

When we send out Daily Casting Alerts 

via email broadcasts...

this is to alert you that there may be 

a Casting of interest,


I am unable to submit your child, 

as it's most likely for an 

"Extra Role"... 


 upon receipt of our Casting Alerts, 

simply log into the

"Casting Billboard Unlimited Section"

 of your Casting Networks Account ASAP.


if your child fits the "specs" of the project... 

submit away.

That's it. 

That's all you have to do.

But, again, please keep me in the loop on everything,

 even when you self submit.

Hope This Helps.

If you ever don't understand something, 

then just email me.

Much Love Always My Friends,

Kevin xoxo

"A Revolutionary Development In The Talent Casting Process"  



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