In House Submissions

Some New Parents Ask Us...

Are the daily emails we receive from

Show Kids Live the only projects being cast? 

The answer is... absolutely not. 

The daily emails parents receive are only a very small percentage of what's being cast. 

Many casting professionals do not wish to have their projects sent out to the parents. (no offense parents).

Let us explain why in more detail... 

Instead, they choose to deal directly with the agencies/managers, having us submit talent to them directly (electronically) through the various on line services, such as Casting Networks. 

These are referred to as...

"in-house" submissions. 

Agencies perform in-house submissions almost on a daily- if not, hourly basis.

Phew-Yes, this is a 24 7 industry. 

With an in-house submission, once the agency submits the child, should the casting person wish to audition and/or book the child, they will contact us directly and we will,

in turn, contact you. 

Our office routinely sends out

"In-House Nationwide Submission Reports"

to parents, in order to keep you in the loop on what's going on and that yes, we're working for you.


there's a lot going on here behind the scenes that parents are not aware of. 

We love when our clients work...

we ALL make money then! 

Don't ever be concerned... we've got your child's back!!

Much Love,


"A Revolutionary Development In The Talent Casting Process"  



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