Shine On!


Hello to All


And thank you for passing by...

I am so proud and feel so blessed

to be a part of this community.


It is by far the Greatest

Accomplishment of my Life...


We are a traveling community of parents 

with absolutely magnificent kids. 

We vigorously promote our kids to agents, casting directors

and industry personnel nationwide!

Our approach is cutting-edge and

The First Ever of it's Kind.


Our community is Built on...



It is Built on



Victory For All...


We receive direct castings from our own clients

as well as promoting our kids to agents in our own localities...

Thus broadening YOUR opportunities!


We Are The  First Of Our Kind...


Our castings and "Meet and Greets" 

take place in our Virtual Casting Suite

which we call Screening Room B.  

All of our events are broadcast live around the country...

from the casting facility directly to our homes!


We Are Life


Our community consists of people of 

All Walks of Life!

We have Doctors, SAHM's, Lawyers, Accountants, Military, Firefighters, Business Professionals,

 Health and Beauty Experts, Pastors and Ministers.


We come from

All Walks Of Life


Together We Paint...

 A True Picture Of

Life Itself...


Whether you are just passing by or are a member...

I thank you for making

"Show Kids-Live "

The Greatest Experience Of My Life


God Bless You

I Love You All






"A Revolutionary Development In The Talent Casting Process"  



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