Video Auditions


Hi Everyone...


So when a Client requests a Video Submission...

this is what you do.


For Babies...

Have the child in your arms and take a Great Face Shot,

then turn your child to the left

and then...

to the right

to get great profiles.


We prefer that you send a link and 

not a downloadable video.


Please include somewhere...

Child's Name, Age, Height and Weight.


Keep the background....easy and breezy.

Have your child in pastel colors 

and not highly decorated.


What Do You Put On A Reel?

If your child is too young to read a script,

then just do a quick

"Meet and Greet".

For Example...


We are The Jones Family and we live in Camden,

New Jersey.

This is our son Joey.

He is 11 months old and is just a

Big Bundle of Glorious Joy...

We are represented by

"Kevin at Show Kids Live"

Smile and look normal and happy....for 5 secs....then

"Thank you for this opportunity

and hope to hear from you soon".

That's it!


Older kids who can hold a script will have 50 seconds.

Scripts for kids 3 to about 8 years of age


Child: We bought a new Used car at Dublin Toyota
Mom: Because Dad says they stand behind it
Child: So we're careful not to back up
Child: Our old car had FLEAS!
Mom: We bought a new Toyota...
Girl: Buster can't ride in it no more


Make it fun and interesting!

Give them something to think about!

You want to be remembered!


Lift Up Your Hearts...

For All The World To See.

Agents/Casting people will review your material from there!


And Remember Always

All Things Are Possible,

If We Only Believe.


"A Revolutionary Development In The Talent Casting Process"  



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