Terms and Conditions:

-We're pleased to provide our services on a "month to month" basis at $35.00 per month-

-All cancellation requests must be sent in writing,

by email only, giving at least a (30) day advance notice-

**Email cancellation notice to...

-Billing errors must be reported to our office in writing, by email only,
(30) calendar days following the error or

no adjustments will be granted-

**Email billing errors to...

-Telephone calls and/or text messages are not acceptable means to cancel our service or to report billing errors-

-monthly service fees are non refundable-

-employment, of course, is never guaranteed-

-We are not responsible for email delivery failures from third party Internet service providers-

-Our Limits of Liability to you will never exceed, under any circumstances, 
the amount paid for the initial registration-

-By utilizing our services, you hereby understand and agree to all above terms and conditions-

We love and appreciate you

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